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Bath/brush & tidy

This package includes all natural shampoo and conditioner. Hydro massaging bath, blow dry, hand brushing & combing, de-matting and de-shedding/loose hair removal, nail trim, sanitary trim, and ear cleaning/plucking, topped off with a fragrance mist.

Full Groom

This package includes professional clipping and scissor shaping to your specification. All natural shampoo & conditioner, hydro-massaging bath, blow dry, brushing/combing, de-shedding, nail trim, and sanitary trim, ear cleaning/plucking topped off with a fragrance mist along with a bandanna or bow.

*Please allow 2-3 hours for the full grooming process.

Skunk Treatment

This includes everything from the bath & tidy or full groom package. An all natural specially formulated de-greaser is used to dissolve the oils, then an all natural deodorizing shampoo, conditioner, and spray are applied to further help reduce that stubborn & smelly skunk odor.


Bath/brush & tidy

Small- $20

Medium- $30


X-Large-$50 & up

Full Groom

Small- $40



X Large-$75 & up

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